General dentistry is a term that is widely used in the healthcare sector globally, not just in Australia. It refers to primary care with many aspects of oral health. As such, it is what most dentists in the country offer their patients. If you have ever been for a check-up at your local dental practice but have not needed any specialist treatment, such as an orthodontic procedure, for example, then the chances are that you received general dentistry. That is not to say, however, that general dentists only perform routine check-ups and refer patients to others when they notice something needs attention. General dentists carry out many procedures as a part of their dentistry. The following treatments are all covered by general dentistry in Australia.

Gum Care

Looking after patients' oral health doesn't solely focus on teeth in general dentistry. The supporting gums are also a part of this work. When dentists look after gums, they'll typically treat bacterial infections, such as gingivitis.


General dentists carry out fillings for their patients all the time. This is one of the most common procedures in dentistry, after all. Fillings plug gaps in teeth that have occurred from decay. The idea is to prevent sugars and bacteria from entering holes to cause further decay from the inside.

Root Canal Treatments

When teeth cavities have developed to such an extent that the root of a tooth is under threat, then fillings will not suffice on their own. Instead of pulling such rotten teeth, general dentists can drill out the root canal and fill it. This sort of treatment takes longer and is more invasive than a filling but is designed to work in much the same way.


General dentists can add crowns or caps to teeth to cover them. The idea is to protect weak or damaged teeth from exposure to food when it is being chewed or bitten into. Many crowns also have a cosmetic purpose, too, because they even up the appearance of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Other cosmetic dentistry that general dentists offer includes the fitting of veneers. Typically, these are attached to the front-facing teeth, the incisors and the canines, to present a more even smile or to whiten the appearance of the teeth.


It should not be overlooked that much of what is expected of general dentists as healthcare professionals is to educate their patients. This may involve helping them with lifestyle choices that can affect oral health, such as discussing the impact of smoking or diet. It may also involve educating patients on brushing or flossing techniques.

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