Spring has officially arrived in Australia. The warmer temps and blue skies are just the inspiration needed to kick start spring cleaning and the declutter of your home. But, why limit this task to your house? Spring is the perfect time to overhaul your dental regime to ensure your teeth are at their best for the end-of-year holiday events. Use these three tips to spring clean your dental habits and enhance the appearance of your teeth. 

Replace Your Toothbrush

You already know brushing your teeth twice a day goes a long way towards keeping your teeth free of decay-causing plaque. However, teeth brushing is only effective when using a toothbrush with fresh bristles and no bacteria trapped on the head. For this reason, it is recommended you replace your toothbrush every three to four months. If you cannot remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush, spring clean your old one into the rubbish bin and replace it with a new, fresh one. If you want advice on which toothbrush is best for your teeth, seek advice from your dentist.

Annual Check-Up

Spring is also the perfect time to book an annual check-up with your dentist. Many people avoid leaving the house during winter because it is cold outside, but the warmer spring temperatures eradicate that reasoning. An annual check-up with your dentist is essential to stop decay and dental damage in its tracks. Early detection of dental issues is critical if you wish to reverse or repair the damage done. While meeting with your dentist, be sure to mention all dental dramas such as bad breath, sore jaw, tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding. Your dentist needs this information to locate the underlying reason for each of these conditions.

Teeth Whitening

The rapidly approaching end-of-year holiday season brings with it celebrations often involving eating and drinking. There are also plenty of photos taken during this time too. Whilst having your annual check-up with your dentist, this is the perfect time to discuss teeth whitening. Time, food and drink choices all gang up against your body and stain your teeth gradually. Teeth whitening brings your teeth back to a healthy white state. Having a dentist perform this process for you minimises the chance of adverse reactions and dental damage from the whitening peroxide. Sometimes teeth whitening needs more than one application, so talking to your dentist about teeth whitening in spring means your teeth are gleaming and ready for summer.

By using these three tips to spring clean your teeth, you can be sure that your teeth are as healthy as they can be for the year ahead. To learn more, contact a dentist.