As one of the most dependable solutions for replacing your natural teeth, dentures can restore your smile to its former glory. They have a great shelf life too, but how long they last can depend on the check-ups you engage in. Whether you're new to dentures or you're a long-standing fan who has missed one or two checks, here are some reasons to attend your regular appointments.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Like your natural teeth, your dentures depend on good oral hygiene to remain intact. Having healthy gums means you're less likely to encounter sores and infections, which, in turn, makes them feel more comfortable. Additionally, keeping your oral bacteria under control benefits your general health. You'll also see a reduction in issues such as a need for fillings and root canals.

If you've missed dental checks recently, book yourself in as soon as you can. The sooner you see your dentist, the easier it is for them to revamp your oral hygiene and provide your dentures with a healthy environment to live in.

Adjusting the Fit

As your mouth changes over time, so will the way your dentures fit. Although those changes may seem small, your dentures could start to rub. If they rub against your gums too much, you'll experience pain and sores, which could then lead to an infection.

If your dentist finds that your new dentures are no longer fitting well, they can soon adjust them. Also, you don't need to wait for check-ups to highlight that they aren't fitting correctly. If you feel as though something isn't quite right, book another appointment so your dentist can address the problem promptly.

Looking for Damage

Unlike your normal teeth, your dentures need to come out of your mouth from time to time. This means there's an increased risk of wear and tear. Additionally, they don't benefit from the same ongoing strengthening process that your teeth enjoy as you care for them. Because of this, you're more likely to experience wear and tear.

During your denture check-ups, your dentist can spot the early signs of wear before they become a big issue. This gives them a chance to tend to them promptly and avoid more expensive repairs and replacements.

If you've missed check-ups recently, contact your dentist as soon as you can to arrange your next one. By attending them regularly, you'll enjoy better oral health and you're less likely to encounter damage that could lead to a full replacement. Contact a dentist at a denture clinic for more information.