When you walk into a local drug store, the sheer number of teeth whitening products available can be overwhelming. Moreover, the fact that you do not need a dentist's prescription to buy or use teeth whitening products makes it even harder to choose the right product. Notably, finding the best teeth-whitening product should not be difficult. However, getting the most out of your choice is the trickiest part. The reason is that using teeth whitening products without a proper strategy negates your efforts. This article highlights tips for getting the best results from teeth whitening.

Maintain a Smile-Friendly Diet

The foods and beverages you eat once you have begun using teeth whitening products determine the treatment's duration and success. Therefore, you must choose your diet carefully to maintain a brighter, whiter smile for longer. The teeth whitening process exposes the dentin layer temporarily, which readily absorb acid and dark-coloured foods, leading to discolouration. As such, you should stick to a white diet for better and faster results. Consider reducing foods and beverages like candy, chocolates, wine, coffee, tea, sugary soft drinks, and even dark fruits. On the other hand, a diet consisting of white meat, whole grains, milk, light-coloured fruits, and vegetables can accelerate the teeth whitening process.

Know Your Teeth Sensitivity Levels

Sometimes, tooth whitening is referred to as tooth bleaching primarily because of the whitening process. However, bleaching can be counterproductive if you have sensitive teeth and gums. In such cases, the whitening agents like peroxide found in teeth bleaching products will worsen the sensitivity. Thus, patients are encouraged to match the amount of hydrogen peroxide in a whitening product with their level of tooth sensitivity. Notably, teeth whitening strips or trays designed for patients with susceptible teeth are low on hydrogen peroxide. The best whitening brands in the market have labels indicating whether the product is best for sensitive or normal teeth.

Wear Products According to Time Instructions

Whether you are using whitening strips or trays, you must follow the time instructions religiously. Some people are impatient and end up wearing their whitening strips and trays longer than is necessary. Wearing teeth whitening products even for just 30 minutes more is counterproductive to your oral health. The peroxide will cause demineralisation and erosion of the teeth enamel, leading to tooth damage. Therefore, if you are using whitening strips, read and follow the instructions. You'll learn how many days or minutes you should wear the strips.