Sometimes, you and your dentist need to work together to ensure that your dentures fit comfortably. This is important because comfortable dentures help you to speak, eat and smile. But over time, the fit of your dentures will change. This is due to the natural loss of jawbone that occurs when you lose teeth.

To ensure that your dentures remain comfortable and that they don't irritate your mouth, you need to have them relined from time to time. Here are some of the most common signs that you need to have your dentures relined.

If you struggle to eat comfortably

One of the clearest signs that you need denture relining is that you have begun to struggle when eating food. When dentures no longer fit as well as they once did, you'll find that your dentures move when you chew your food. And this movement will cause food debris to lodge under your dentures. You may also have trouble with excess saliva while eating.

If you have trouble speaking

When dentures fit comfortably, you should be able to speak without worrying about embarrassing mishaps. But if you have started to lisp recently or your denture now makes a clicking sound when you speak, this means that the fit of your denture has changed. The only way to correct this issue is with a reline.

If you are in pain

Ill-fitting dentures can cause you a great amount of pain over time if you don't have them relined. Ill-fitting dentures can cause sores to form on your gum tissue. This can make it difficult to wear your dentures. But pain isn't the only issue you should be aware of. If you continue to wear your dentures while they irritate your gums, you could unwittingly cause excessive jawbone loss.

When you lose teeth, you gradually lose the jawbone that supported those teeth before. And when you wear dentures that irritate your gums because they don't fit properly, the irritation can speed up the rate of jawbone loss. This is why you need to see your denturist for a reline as soon as possible if your denture hurts your gums when you wear it.

If you haven't had a denture reline in over two years

In general, denturists recommend that you have your denture relined every two to four years. As such, if you haven't had your denture relined in over two years and you are beginning to experience issues with the fit, now is the time to have your denture relined.

If your denture no longer fits well, have it relined as soon as possible. Otherwise, your denture will begin to have a negative impact on your oral health.