Every bride has a fairly hefty list of things to do before her wedding, generally arranged in order of urgency. Some things need to take place directly before the ceremony, such as hair and make-up. Other things need to have been decided well in advance, such as choosing the wedding dress. There's another thing that many brides might be considering in order to look their best on their big day, and that's teeth whitening. Like choosing the dress, this is something that needs to be arranged well in advance of the big day.

A Dazzling Smile

Having your teeth whitened before your wedding makes sense. It's going to be one of the most important days in your life, and of course you're going to be smiling a lot, so you want that smile to be as dazzling as it can be. While some forms of teeth whitening offer an instant result, this is not always going to the most appropriate option for everyone's smile.

Slow and Steady

You need to consider your own circumstances and objectives, and while noticeably white teeth before your wedding day can be a clear objective, your own circumstances might require a specialist approach. If your smile is already fairly bright with no discolouration, you might simply wish to opt for a slow and steady approach, as in diligently using a whitening toothpaste in the months leading up to your wedding for a cumulative effect. Though slower than a whitening treatment from a dentist, this approach can be valid when your teeth are already close to the colour you hope to achieve. But what about when your teeth need some extra attention?

Immediate Results

Visiting your dentist for a whitening treatment can yield immediate results, although you need to schedule this appointment well before your wedding ceremony, particularly if you've never had a whitening treatment before. It's a stretch to say that the process results in discomfort, but there can be some sensitivity when it's done for the first time, and you want to ensure that this subsides long before you walk down the aisle. There is also the possibility that your dentist will need to account for any tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, veneers or even dental implants. This means that your dentist will need to meticulously whiten your teeth to the point that they're a precise colour match for these items. This avoids an obvious two-toned effect when you smile.

So when you're making a list of all the things that need to be done before your wedding, make sure you allow enough time for teeth whitening.