The shape of a person's teeth says a lot about their personality and their lifestyle. Although the differences in tooth shape, from one person to another, are small, tooth shape plays a surprisingly important role in social interaction. For instance, people tend to think those with straight teeth are more successful than people with crooked teeth.

When a person smiles, the most visible teeth are the upper six teeth, the two central incisors, followed next by the lateral incisors and then the canines. All of these teeth are slightly different in shape. However, what does it mean if teeth are rounded?

Rounded Teeth Indicate Youthfulness

In regards to your central incisors, long, rectangular incisors with rounded corners give you a more youthful smile. Why is this? This is simply because young central incisors have all of those characteristics. As you age, wear and tear takes its toll on your teeth. This shortens them and causes them to become square at the corners rather than rounded. As a result, your smile will appear older. In turn, this may affect how people perceive you. For example, it may make a difference in regards to how youthful people see you as being.

Rounded Teeth Indicate Gentleness

When teeth are rounded, and this goes for central incisors, lateral incisors and canines, they give the impression that you are gentle, or more feminine in nature. This is especially true for the lateral incisors and canines. Lateral incisors that are squared at the corners indicate masculinity, and canines that are more pointed indicate dominance. Round teeth then, are not for everyone. Fortunately, if you would like your teeth to be squarer or pointier, cosmetic dentistry can give you what you need.

Composite Bonding Can Help

If your only issue is shape, and not severe wear and tear, then bonding is probably the answer. Since dentists are able to sculpt bonding resin onto teeth in order to create the desired shape, composite bonding is perfect for making teeth squarer or pointier. So, if you wish to appear less gentle, for example, you could get composite bonding on your lateral incisors. However, if your teeth are rounded due to severe dental erosion, porcelain veneers may be the best option. These thin shells fit over severely worn teeth, restoring their shape and their luster so that you can smile confidently. You can also choose veneer shape so that you can appear more youthful or feminine perhaps.

If you are not sure how to approach your treatment in terms of reshaping your teeth, a cosmetic dentist will be able to advise you on what look might work best for you.