According to a recent survey, office workers are more at risk of dental health problems than other types of employees. With snacks and coffee always close at hand, office workers are at risk of cavities, stained teeth, and other oral health problems. If you work in an office, here are four tips you can use to protect your teeth.

1. Drink Water

Coffee and tea, while staple parts of many office workers' diets, can both leave stains on teeth. Meanwhile, sugary alternatives like cola or juice feed oral bacteria and contain acids that soften tooth enamel. By gradually switching out some of your break-time beverages in favour of plain water, you can help your teeth stay while and healthy. To prevent dry mouth, which can encourage oral bacteria to multiply, keep a bottle of water on your desk and take sips from it throughout the day.

2. Bring Your Own Lunch

Packing your own lunch can help you make tooth-friendly food choices. Fill your lunch box with savoury foods, such as sandwiches, crackers, carrot sticks, hummus and nuts, to minimise the harmful effects of sugar on your teeth. By including some plain yoghurt in your lunch, you can even take the opportunity to provide your body with the calcium it needs to maintain healthy teeth.

3. Know When to Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth during the working day can help to clear away traces of food and dental plaque. However, immediately after lunch may not be the best time to brush. Dentists recommend waiting at least 20 minutes after a meal before you clean your teeth. This is because acids that are naturally present in food or created by oral bacteria can soften tooth enamel, which means your toothbrush could scrub it away. If your lunch includes acidic foods, such as fruits or fruit juice, it's better to wait 30 minutes to give your saliva chance to neutralise the acid. Another option is to brush immediately before you eat to reduce levels of bacteria in your mouth.

4. Use Gum to Help You Stay Away From Snacks

Snacking all day is one of the worst habits for dental health. Resist the temptation of office cakes and treats by chewing sugar-free gum at your desk instead. Sugar-free gum contains none of the harmful sugars found in popular snack foods, while the act of chewing can stimulate saliva production, helping to keep your mouth moist and healthy.

For more tooth-friendly tricks, speak with your dentist.