There is a two week period between when your teeth are prepared and when the permanent veneers are installed. During this period, your dentist will fit temporary veneers in your mouth that will basically mimic the permanent ones that will be installed later. The temporary veneers can give you a lot of insight as to how life will be once the permanent veneers are fitted. It'll also give you an idea as to whether any adjustments need to be made – particularly, these 3.

The Overall Fit

While temporary veneers are known to be rather uncomfortable, they do give you a good idea as to how the permanent veneers are going to fit in your mouth. Because of this reason, it's a good idea to figure out whether the veneers fit properly and are comfortable. Determine if there are any jaw misalignments or whether your mouth closes properly with the veneers on. If you don't feel that veneers are comfortable, express your concerns to your dentist before the permanent veneers are installed, as life isn't going to get better. Your dentist will determine if structural adjustments are necessary.

The Color of the Veneers

One of the best things about getting veneers is that you'll always have a pearly white smile. However, teeth come in many different shades and colors. If the teeth are as white as snow, they might not look real or might not fit in as naturally as you'd like. As you are getting used to your temporary veneers, determine if you are happy with the color of the teeth keeping in mind that you won't be able to make any changes once the permanent veneers are installed.

The Shape of the Veneers

Smile often and also look at yourself in the mirror regularly once the temporary veneers are fitted. You want to confirm that you are happy with how your smile will look like with the veneers. Look at your face at different angles to confirm that the shape of the veneers don't look awkward. The shape of the veneers can have somewhat of an effect on your facial appearance and image. For example, lateral incisors that are more rounded tend to look more feminine. On the other hand, lateral incisors that are longer in length tend to look more masculine.


The temporary veneers are basically the trial version of the permanent veneers. They give you a good idea of what you can expect and how the veneers will look once they are installed. Confirm that you are happy with the temporary veneers before you get the permanent ones, as you won't be able to make any adjustments or chances once they have been installed.