According to research, around a quarter of Australians are gearing up to celebrate Halloween this coming October 31st. Slowly but surely, this long celebrated tradition that began many moons ago in ancient Britain and Ireland, before leaping the Atlantic Ocean to America, is now taking hold down under. 

However, while parents and kids alike prepare to celebrate this day of wandering spirits, zombies and copious amounts of lollies, dentists around the country are bracing themselves for the emergency calls to come. Never mind things that go bump in the night. It's not wandering vampires or zombies you should be worried about, it's your kids' fangs, which will surely be aching to sink into the bucket loads of lollies on offer. 

Lollies are sure to be in abundance this coming Halloween down under, and you'll need to ensure that your children's teeth are safe from marauding bacteria with a thirst for sugar. Take these 5 precautions and help your kids to avoid a dental disaster on Halloween. 

Educate Your Children Beforehand 

Children tend to respond well to being involved in the decision making process. They also love to learn, believe it or not. Teach them that it isn't the lollies themselves that cause tooth decay, it's the acid produced by the bacteria and therefore they need to take care of their oral health--especially on Halloween. 

Provide Smaller Lolly Vessels

This is a simple matter of space. A smaller vessel means a smaller lolly haul. 

Set a Limit on Lolly Consumption

Your kids might complain but at least they now know (if you explained to them earlier) the reason. For kids under the age of ten, limit them to no more than half their age in lollies per day. For pre-teens, allow them to eat their hard-earned lollies for fifteen minutes after dinner or supper to avoid a fuss. 

Encourage Them to Drink Lots of Water

Water, especially flouridated water, can help to prevent tooth decay. Swap the soft drinks for water on Halloween. 

Ensure Your Kids Brush and Floss after Treats

This goes without saying. Immediately after sweet treats, make sure your kids banish those enamel devouring creatures lurking in the shadows of their mouths.

Halloween is a time for lollies, trick-or-treating and spooky costumes so the main thing is to have fun. As long as you remain vigilant, your dentist need not become a part of this festive occasion. However, should one of your children complain of toothache, it might be time to seek dental treatment before any further damage can occur.