If you've opted to replace your teeth with dentures, you may be wondering if you need a spare pair in case of emergencies. If you've been wearing dentures for a few years, you may already have had your original teeth replaced, in which case you can use your old pair as spares; however, if you are a new denture wearer you won't have old sets to fall back on and may not be sure whether ordering a spare set is a good idea. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Advantages of Having a Spare Set of Dentures

Exchanging your teeth for dentures can be a big step to take. In addition to worrying about the procedure itself, some people worry about things that might happen after their dentures are fitted. For example, you may be anxious about what you would do if you lose or break your false teeth. If you need to have your dentures repaired or renewed, you face the prospect of having to get through everyday life with no teeth at all until you can get the problem sorted.

However, if you have a spare set of dentures, this doesn't have to be a worry for you. You can simply switch to wearing your spares while you wait for your primary dentures to be repaired or replaced.

The Disadvantages of Having a Spare Set of Dentures

While having two sets of dentures may give you peace of mind, it's likely to hit your wallet if you have a spare set made specially. The average cost of a full set of dentures that covers both your top and bottom teeth is between $1600- $2500. This is a big cost to bear for one set of dentures; doubling the figure may be a step too far for many people.

You also have to consider how you will store your spare set of dentures. You can't simply put them to one side and assume they'll be OK if you ever need to use them; denture storage can take some work. For example, dentures need to be kept wet when they aren't being used. If false teeth dry out, they may become brittle and may fracture or break. Although you can store a spare set in a denture case filled with water, you'll still have to make regular checks to make sure the water doesn't dry up. Storing dentures in water for long periods may also cause problems with bacteria such as mould.

If you aren't sure whether getting a spare set of dentures made is the right decision for you, ask your dentist for advice. Your dentist can tell you how to take care of your dentures to minimise the chances of damaging them. You can also ask how long it typically takes to repair a set of dentures or make new ones. Bear in mind, if your dentist offers emergency same-day repairs, you may not have to wait that long for repairs if you need them.