While the symptoms of tooth damaging cavities may vary from person to person, early detection makes them easier to treat, so they don't end up damaging your tooth structure entirely. Ignoring cavities for too long will cause excruciating pain and discomfort, while an abscess or infection will ultimately lead to tooth loss. Finding an emergency dentist to tackle these cavity warning symptoms as quickly as possible will prevent any long-term tooth damage.

Excruciating Toothache

If you're experiencing excruciating toothache, then it's best that you see an emergency dentist quickly because your cavity may already be damaging your teeth. By examining the tooth's condition, your dentist may recommend a dental filling or a root canal to tackle your cavity. If you ignore your toothache, the decaying cavity will invade the tooth nerve, and your treatment may end up being far more painful. If your tooth is painful, look for a dentist near you to get your problem checked by a professional.

Heightened Tooth Sensitivity

While there are a multitude of reasons behind sensitive teeth, an imminent cavity is one of the most common ones. Tooth sensitivity is typically caused because your tooth enamel wears off. Enamel wears off because of food consumption habits, medication and tooth decay. A fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash can strengthen your enamel, but if the sensitivity continues, then there's a good chance that you have a cavity.

Bad Breath

In the absence of tooth pain, bad breath may also occur because of a tooth decay problem. A cavity in your tooth may trap bacteria in the area over time. This trapped bacteria produces acids, which dissolve tooth enamel minerals and cause the cavity to become worse. This mineral dissolution also causes your breath to smell bad for extended periods. If you notice constant bad breath, visit your dentist to prevent a cavity from getting worse.

Filling Loss

Even if your tooth has been filled before, it can still develop a cavity over time. Tooth decay can form around an old filling, which will cause it to fall out. If you have a tooth filling that has fallen out, then it's best to visit an emergency dentist to refill it immediately. This way, you can restore your tooth to its natural state and avoid further erosion.

Tooth cavities can easily form if you're not careful. If you notice any of these tooth-damaging signs of cavities, be sure to visit an emergency dentist to get the problem treated immediately before it gets worse and you end up suffering from complete tooth loss.