Most people think of a toothbrush as their solitary weapon in fighting against tooth decay, but measures like diet, water intake and sugar play an equally important role. A balanced diet will deliver the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Here are 4 inspired food tips to help you stay away from visiting the dentist more often than you should. 

Eat Foods High In Calcium

Healthy teeth and gums need plenty of calcium, so be sure to add calcium-rich foods like dairy products, sardines, green leafy vegetables and fortified soy to your diet. Vitamin D is necessary to help absorb calcium. It is acquired from foods like margarine, salmon, milk, soy and reasonable sun exposure.

Drink Sufficient Water

Brushing your teeth after eating or drinking is simply not enough. Drinking enough water after eating anything enhances good oral health. Whenever you drink water, fragments of food from your mouth are washed away. Fluoride is a natural mineral that is acclaimed worldwide for its ability to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride in water clears away harmful remains, while mending damaged teeth. Today, 90% of Australians have access to fluoride water through city taps. Drinking water is not only good for your mouth, but also good for your entire body, too – flushing out toxins and keeping your body hydrated, especially during warm summers.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Large quantities of sugar in drinks and sweets are closely associated with tooth decay. A layer of dental plaque forms on the teeth that consists of bacteria and food particles. This plaque triggers tooth decay and gum diseases. If not brushed properly, the plaque breaks down the sugar in different foods to create harmful acids that damage teeth enamel. Remember that sticky sugars tend to grip the teeth more – they are far more threatening than sugar that can easily be swallowed, like fresh fruits. Make sure you cut down on sticky sugar foods like cakes, cookies and desserts. Excessive sugar consumption can require you to visit your dentist repeatedly for expensive root canal treatment. Stick to healthy foods with natural sugar – fresh produce is loaded with several health benefits, in addition to maintaining healthier teeth.

Clean Up After Starch

Although sugar consumption is discussed more often, starchy foods like breads and cereals are also major offenders when it comes to tooth decay. Starchy foods tend to mingle with an enzyme in your saliva called amylase. Amylase converts starch into sugars – causing an acidic reaction that corrodes tooth enamel. 

While these food tips will help you stay away from persistently visiting the dentist, remember that routine dentist visits are important for enhanced oral health protection.

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